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Goth Unite Loyalty Point Program

Goth Unite Loyalty Point Program

Welcome to Goth Unite, United We Stand.

How does the loyalty point program work?

It works by signing up @ for loyatly Goth Coin account
its free to sign up & start collecting points from purchases in store or online.

How do i know how many points i have ?

Sign into your account u should be prompted with a purple & white box at the top it should hello (your name) (you have 250 Goth Coins example).

Below this you should see 2 tabs 1 showing what rewards are being offered the second tab offering How to earn points @ goth unite without spending any money off hand to aqquire your first discount. please note discounts cannot be combine with other special offers.

Promo's and offered free reward points can or will change from time to time currently now

May 22st 2019 the free rewards are as followed

Complete your profile awarded 200 Goth Coins.

Share us on Facebook 250 Goth Coins awarded.

Like us on facebook 200 Goth Coins awarded

Follow us on instagram 150 Goth Coins awarded

Refer a friend  Points are given to the member when their friend
makes their first purchase. 1000 points awarded

Referred friends will get a unique coupon code.
Product reviews is not setup yet but will be soon in the near future.

Points earned through purchase @ Goth Unite
1.00 spent = 1 point earned

Example Demo Demon purchase came out to 46.85  before taxes
& shipping he just earned 46 reward points.

Second example Demo Demon just made a purchase of 150.00 of Items online

before taxes but also these items had additional special Goth Coins rewards
a pair of pants had additional 250 Goth Coins.

Demo demon just aqquired
150 Goth Coins + 250 Goth coins giving him a total of 400 Goth Coins earned.


Update June 03 2019 


Master Of Darkness V.I.P. :D:D:D

Once a customer reaches 10,000 points on there account you move up in the ranks to Master Of Darkness.
Becoming a Master Of Darkness you gain 2 Goth Coins per dollar spent doubling your points.
Please remember you must sign up as a member @ in order to receive Goth Coins it's free to sign up & start receiving promos or other special deals.
And finally, there are some new deals added to find out Go to, sign in & click on check rewards.
Get 20% off your entire order when you redeem 1000 points the dark summer sale limited time only.

United We Stand.




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