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Looking for that special ring?

Are you looking to purchase a wedding ring? If so, perhaps you’re thinking of opting for the typical plain gold ring - elegant and classy.


Although this is the mainstream, there’s nothing wrong with deviating from it. If you and your beloved are rather unconventional and want something gothic-inspired, perhaps you should choose a skull wedding ring. That is, of course, if it reflects your taste and character. There’s a certain weirdness, depth, and twisted character that comes with buying a skull wedding ring. That alone is sure to make a statement!


In order to choose the perfect skull wedding ring, make sure that you take your time with the selection. Unfortunately, you can’t expect to use the same ring shopping tips for gothic-inspired wedding rings as you can with traditional items. Thus, here are some tips to help you choose the skull wedding band that’s perfect for you:




The first thing to consider when picking a particular skull wedding ring is its material. How is it crafted? What type of metal is it made of? Most conventional bands are made of gold. Skull rings, on the other hand, are often made of silver bands for a number of reasons.


For one, silver is said to be a mysterious metal associated with healing, magic, and mystical properties. So what better way to gravitate to the mystery and mysticism than to wear a silver skull band?


Secondly, the gothic style goes hand-in-hand with a prevailing culture of wearing black and silver. Symbolically, silver has always been linked to the moon and its cold light. Hence, if you want to go gothic, then a silver skull band is for you.


Lastly, silver has a utilitarian function. The material isn’t nearly as expensive compared to gold or platinum, yet it is a great metal in terms of durability and flexibility.




Another thing worthy of consideration is the type of stones used for the metal band. This is because goth fans seem to reject the idea of ‘warm colors.’ While Goths are not into gold jewelry, the same logic applies to precious stones and gems. Stones of yellow, orange, and pastel colors are not given a second glance. Traditional white, clear, and black gems are much more preferred. Here are three stones that you may want to choose:


  • Diamond - Diamond is said to be a symbol of hardness, boldness, and innocence. Why is this so? This piece of stone goes through an incredible amount of pressure before it turns into a precious gem. It is also associated with protecting the body from illnesses and shooing away evil spirits. Using such a stone represents strength and power.


  • Ruby - Ruby is said to be a stone of passion and love. It symbolizes power, strength, and energy. It is believed to give its owner the ability to control people and drive away ill-wishers. So what better way to spruce up your skull wedding band than to include a ruby?


  • Sapphire - Sapphire has always been considered a beautiful gem with quite a history. Did you know that Alexander the Great and Maria Stuart both had rings with sapphire gems? In early Christianity, even priests wore these magnificent rocks. Back in the Middle Ages, the stone is said to have cured ulcers and eliminate sores. A sapphire-adorned ring is sure to be the perfect addition to your gothic look.

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