Got a question? Before you contact us, have a quick scan through the following Q & A section to see if it can be answered here.

Q: Do I need a Paypal Account to shop at Goth Unite Anti-Fashion?

A: No. You do not need a Paypal account. Customers who have and would like to use a Paypal account to pay for their goods can do so by selecting the 'Paypal Express Checkout' option during the payment process. This will take you straight to the Paypal login page where you can sign into your account and pay for your order using a registered credit/debit card or your Paypal balance. Customers who do not have a Paypal account can use our check out powered by ecwid.

Q: It has been a while since I placed my order, yet it has not arrived. Where is it?

A: Firstly, you should check your email to ensure that your item is in stock and has been dispatched. If so, please use the order tracking facility to acquire more information about your order status. If your order shows as having been dispatched, please ensure you have allowed sufficient time for delivery. Please do not contact us for tracking information until five business days have passed since your dispatch date Canadian customers, or at least fourteen business days for international customers.

Q: My item does not fit! What should I do?

A: Firstly, please don't panic. All orders from Goth Unite are covered by our 30 day returns policy, so if you have ordered the wrong size and need to exchange, or in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your item for any reason, you have 30 days (from the date of Received) to return the item to us for an exchange, Refund or store credit. All we ask is that your item is in its original, unworn condition and still has its tags intact. We do not accept returns on items that have been worn, used or had their tags removed. Secondly, and we cannot stress this strongly enough - PLEASE DO NOT RETURN ITEMS WITHOUT CONTACTING US FIRST. Please email us using the contact form to let us know the situation and we will get back to you with returns instructions as soon as we can. Also any items on sale or final sale or clearance are not returnable.

Q: My size is not listed - do you have this item in my size?

A: We work hard to keep our online stock inventories as up to date as possible, so if your size is not listed as currently available, we may be waiting for stock to come in. By all means email us using the contact form to let us know that you would like to be notified as soon as we have your size back in stock and we will email you as soon as we have it.

Q: I have/am looking to open my own Gothic/alternative shop/website - do you supply on a wholesale basis or give bulk discounts?

A: No, sorry. The only way to buy from Goth unite is retail, through our website. We do not sell wholesale nor do we give out our suppliers contact details or how to buy from them. Bulk discounts may be considered on private (not trade) orders for personal use totaling over 1000.00 CAD, but any reduction in price is issued solely at the managements discretion and is dependent on available stock and the quantity and nature of the order.

Q: My question is not listed here... can I contact you?

A: Yes, certainly! Please head to the Contact Us Page and send us a message - we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Q. do i have to spent money in order to gain points ?

A. No you can gain points several ways by creating an account you get 250 bonus points for just signing up. other ways of gaining points are completing your profile on your account gains u 50 points unless otherwise stated. points are also award on your birthday you get 250 points. liking us on fb and following us gains you 200 points. following us on Instagram will gain you 150 points sharing products onto Facebook will gain you 10 points per month.

Q. Do i have to have an account on goth unite to gain points ?

A. Yes you do require an account @ goth unite to be awarded points to.

Q. What happens if i change my birthday to get more points?

A. Changing a birthday constantly will either freeze the account or get the admins attention & is fraud to gain points by constantly changing your b day and will result into account being deleted or reported to local police. the same apply s to liking & unliking on fb or any other social network. any frauds detected will result into account being deleted & any points gained from either purchase or other rewards are forfeited. if the results comes to damage or loss of products from fraud goth unite will presue criminal charges & forward all information to the police.

Q. If i know someone that has stolen or has frauded the loyalty points program with goth unite & i report it to goth unite will i be identified ?

A. Honesty pays no you will not be identified to the suspect of theft goth unite Admin will look into it and forward the information to the police if anything is found if a person is charge and found guilty in the court of law the person who has reported this offense will be rewarded 4000 points for helping us crack down on fraud.

Q. If i redeemed points for free goods such as shirts hoodies pants etc.. and decided that i don't like the products can i return the product or products and get my points back ?

A. Goth Unite will make an exchange on a product or products found defective unless it is an item that was on (clearance is all sales final) all products are checked constantly to keep from defective products ending up in customers hands. if the product is not defective you cannot return the product or products for a cash refund or points reimbursement.

Q. Can i refer someone without being a member/account holder on goth unite ?

A. Yes you most certainly can but it will not give a referral code to offer your friend/family member for 10% off there first purchase & you will not be able to gain the points for a successful sale.

Goth Unite rewards program

Q. Do my points expire after a certain amount of time?

A. No points do not expire on anyone's account aslong as you are a member your points will remain on your account unless u delete your account or you redeem points towards a discount or other offered rewards, example would be i have 850 points and i decided to redeem 750 points for 5% off my order you will still have 100 points on your account from the 850 points.

Q. I can't access my account what do i do ?

A. First off try a password reset goth unites system will send you an email to the email address that is linked to that account to be able to reset the password so you can regain access to your account, further more goth unite cannot see or access peoples passwords we are also not capable of transferring points from 1 account to the other its is solely up to the user to ensure they use strong passwords never give your password out to anyone to gain access to your account. Also very important never stay login on a public access computer or device that u do not own as an account can be compromised always make sure you logout and clean out the cookies on the device if possible or only logon or out of devices you know you can trust.

Q. I've been a very loyal customer of goth unite does goth unite offer a V.I.P for loyal customers ?

A. Yes goth unite rewards all of the company's loyal customers no customers are left behind, customers with 10,000 points or more will start earning 2 points per dollar versus 1 point per dollar points must remain 10,000 or above to stay in the V.I.P tier.

A. is goth unite a corporation?

Q. No goth unite is not a corporation it is a independent functioning company locally owned an operated.