Maloik: Sign Of The Horns Femmina

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Maloik: Sign Of The Horns Femmina

The aberrant version of "Sign of the Horns" amuletic gesture, or "mano cornuta" in Italian, and an ancient protection against bad luck and the evil eye, and in Wiccan ritual the sign represents the Horned God. Made famous by Ronnie James Dio of Black Sabbath, the Maloik or "Malocchio" is now the classic salute in rock and metal cultures.

An antiqued pewter skeletal hand pendant in the gesture of a traditional protection amulet and rock 'n roll salute, with a black Swarovski crystal tear-dropper; on a 21" trace chain.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width 1.02" x Height 2.40" x Depth 0.55"
Pewter, Black Swarovski Dropper